Lower Taxes by Prowess

We'll Tell You How to Lower Your Taxes. 100% Free.

So many property owners go along with a higher assessed value because it makes them feel good that someone else thinks their property is worth more.

Others go along because they don't know their options.

Either way, stop it.

Paying higher property taxes does not make your property worth more when you're ready to sell.

When you list your property for sale with an asking price higher than assessed value, are you going to have to explain the discrepancy to the buyer? Yes you are.

The key is explaining it the right way. Don't worry. We'll do all of that for you when the time is right.

In the meantime, wouldn't you prefer to keep your cash in your account rather than let the government redistribute it for you?

Property Tax Truths

 #1 Protest Every Year 

Let the municipality know that you're planning to protest every year. Then do it professionally.

#2 Property Taxes are Negotiable 

They want as much of your money as possible. You need to negotiate them down. Its easier than you think.

#3 Handle Buyers  

It's simple and we'll handle them for you when the day comes.

#4 Paying Taxes Won't Make Your Property Worth More 

Market Value is the only "value" that matters. Not appraised value or assessed value. Know the difference. 

Stop the madness. Don't be a sheep. Take action.